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Să umplem sala de jucării de pluș!

/ 16 decembrie 2012

O mai veche tradiție cu origini în campionatele de baschet și hochei de peste ocean, aceea de a strânge jucării de pluș de la suporteri în timpul ultimului meci dinaintea sărbătorilor de iarnă, va fi pusă în practică și la Târgu Jiu.

Conducerea echipei de baschet a Energiei speră ca la meciul de miercuri cu BCM U Pitești să poată aduna cât mai multe jucării de pluș pe care să le doneze centrelor de copii din Gorj: „Ne-am dori să-i capacităm pe toți cei care vor veni miercuri la meci să ne ajute să facem împreună un cadou frumos celor de la centrele de copii. Sperăm ca un număr mare de spectatori să vină și să doneze câte o jucărie, preferabil de pluș, care să poată fi aruncată pe teren pentru ca noi să le putem oferi apoi copiilor de la aceste centre. Orice fel de jucării pot fi aduse, chiar și dacă nu sunt de pluș, pentru acestea vom găsi o modalitate de a fi adunate spre a fi donate ulterior”, a declarat Dan Cumpănașu, președintele secției de baschet a clubului Energia.


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  • fane spune:

    xclusive interview with Louis Darby! – Dec 17, 2012

    E-mail Aleksa

    Louis, you played four years college basketball for Long Beach State University, what are you memories from college?

    My memories from college were great. Got a chance to play against big names . Jordan farmar, Joshua Shipp, Bobby brown, Aaron Afflalo, and a long list of other guys playing in euroleague and the nba. Got a chance to play in our conference championship twice. Became big west champs in 2007. Got to experience going to the NCAA tournament, which most don’t get a chance to experience. It was great.

    Also, you played great in your freshman season and later you didn’t have much better stats than in freshman’s year, how?

    As a freshman in college I got to play more than the rest of my years in college. Was named to the all freshman team. Had to deal with different translations after that. Coach bringing in new guys. So time and points started to diminish. I must have done something write to last for 4 years in college haha. I think going through those ups and downs of not playing much made me more hungry and made me want to push to do better when I started my next journey.

    Your first rookie year was in Syria.What you think about your rookie year?Your first professional team was Al Wahda from Syria, Syria isn’t basketball famous country, how you come in Syria?

    Yes it was another experience where I played 19 min a game and did great for the minutes I played.Had to share minutes with another player because you could only have 1 import player on the court at a time. My experience there was great.Met a lot of great people there.A lot of fun and great memories. Things are not the same now. I just recently lost a good friend of mine that I met when I first played there. R.I.P. to Basil Raya. The things that are happening there is very sad, but like I said my memories from there were all happy ones.
    My rookie year in Syria was very different. Was not used to practicing once a day and practicing really late at night. So when I was there I never got used to the time difference. I came to Syria thinking that it wasn’t a good place for basketball, but the guys there were actually better than I thought. They have some real talent. I had ended up choosing Syria as a place where I can get some stats and show some more things besides dunking. So al wahda was a team that took a chance on me and I made the best of my opportunity there.

    In your first season in Rovinari, you was great.You had some great stats, but unfortunately you got injury in march and couldn’t finish season.What you think about your first season in Romania and also in Europe?

    Yes my first season in Romania was great. I didn’t know much about Romania. I was blessed to get a second chance to come and play overseas in Europe. Being that Syria wasn’t a respected league but coach Theo Evans and Energia Rovinari gave me a chance. I really got to show that I can adjust to the style of play here and had some great numbers here my first year. Although I got injured and didn’t get to help my team in the playoffs I still think it was a successful season. I met a great group of guys, who are still playing and doing well in Germany,Cyprus and in Korea. I think in my first year I had a great experience.

    After that season, you had two more great year in Romania.In season 2010-11, you was chosen for first five of whole league and you won slam dunk contest year.What make you happier: Some great dunk or when you score three-pointer?

    Yea those 2 seasons were also great. We we missed the playoffs by 1 game both years. Individually I got selected to the the all Romanian team, and got small forward of the year in 2010. In 2011 I was selected to the second team . 2010 I participated in my first all star game , had some fun winning the dunk contest. I think I would get more excited by hitting a 3pt shot than a dunk. The dunks is for the crowd.

    In some short period you was in Keravnos, but you comeback in Rovinari and you was played one more great season.
    In this season you are the best player in Romanian championship.Are hou have some plans in future to play some stronger league, for some Euroleague team?

    Yea I played for Keravnos for a short period, learned some things there. It was a humbling experience for me there. I learned that playing team ball can get you so far, most teams want you to score more. So my stay there was short lived. So I comeback to my second home Rovinari (Targu Jiu).

    In this season I think I am having my best year playing basketball period since high school. I hope to further my career and have high hopes to play on a bigger platform such as Euroleague. We shall see what the future holds. Anything is possible.

    How you feel about your cooperation with the Omnia Sports agency?

    My relationship with my Omnia is great. They work well for the players and try to put you in the best situation possible. That’s most important for me.

    What you think about two Serbian guys Stefan Nikolic and Stefan Atanackovic?

    I like playing with them both. Both are very energetic players who love to compete and work hard during games and in practice.

    With his player you spending most of time out of the court?

    Off the court I spend most of my time with Robert Giles . He lives close to where I live. So we chill from time to time. I’m trying to teach him a few things on off the court.

    What is ambitions of Rovinari for this season?

    In terms of Energia Rovinari and our season we want to have a great year. We want to make it to the playoffs and make some noise. We want to get past the first round this year.

    For the end, i hope you will continue with great games and i hope to see you in some much stronger teams.

    You was great interlocutor.


    Thanks for the interview and hope to speak again.

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